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home.gifWelcome to Pic Micro Pascal compiler

PMP (Pic Micro Pascal) is a free Pascal cross compiler for PIC™ processors. It is intended to work with the Microchip MPASM/MPLINK suite installed; it has its own IDE and it is a highly optimized compiler.
It supports most devices from PIC10 to PIC18. Floating Point is supported (for PIC18 and PIC16 only). The new PIC16 enhanced mid-range processors are also supported.
PMP is moving forward with its users (beta testers are welcome): This site is open for comments, discussions, bug reports, new features requests and constructive criticism.
Thanks to give a link to this site in your own sites or news / discussions groups.


news.gifThe 3 last news

Happy New Year! - by PPA 2014.01.03 9:41 PM

I wish you all a Wonderful and Happy New Year!
Unfortunately 2013 has not met all the expectations, I'm sorry for that. I got too many personal inconveniences that delayed a lot the new version, but be confident that I'm working hard to finish that new version as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

As always, I wish to warmly thank all those who contributed to the development of PMP, their help is invaluable. I hope that 2014 will continue to be full of good collaboration, so feel free to participate: each contribution matters!

What's up? - by PPA 2013.08.23 8:24 PM

cool.gif I added something to the left...

Now it was BitDefender... - by PPA 2013.07.25 09:55 AM

I've discovered that BitDefender was the only site classification engine that still tagged pmpcomp.fr for containing malwares...

I spent one week to battle to have a revision and I won:


BTW: The BD English forum does not answer to requests, English people have a tip: use the French forum with Google translator help, you will have a quick answer...

And as for McAfee : no explanation, no information nor apologies...

These "automatic" and arbitrary software that claim "it's for your well-being" are simply bull s..t.

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