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home.gifWelcome to Pic Micro Pascal compiler

PMP (Pic Micro Pascal) is a free Pascal cross compiler for PIC™ processors. It is intended to work with the Microchip MPASM/MPLINK suite installed; it has its own IDE and it is a highly optimized compiler.
It supports most devices from PIC10 to PIC18. Floating Point is supported (for PIC18 and PIC16 only). The new PIC16 enhanced mid-range processors are also supported.
PMP is moving forward with its users (beta testers are welcome): This site is open for comments, discussions, bug reports, new features requests and constructive criticism.
Thanks to give a link to this site in your own sites or news / discussions groups.

The new forum is stable now and should be used for new threads. The old forum still remains active for a while.

Note: as this new forum has no direct relationship, you will have to register separately.

Here is an automatic translation feature (for French / English use the flag button on top left of the page):

news.gifThe 3 last news

PMP V2.0.4 is available - by PPA 2014.08.16 4:41 PM

An update (V2.0.4 build 104) is available. It corrects several behaviors discussed in the forum.

This is an emergency release since build 103 generates a stack overflow due to a bad fix on banking methods. If you had already installed the build 103, you have to uninstall it before to install the build 104 since they have the same version. See download page - here. (the V2.0.3 is no more available)

PMP V2.0.4 is available - by PPA 2014.08.15 11:31 PM

An update (V2.0.4) is available. It corrects several behaviors discussed in the forum.

See download page - here. (the V2.0.3 is no more available)

New experimental forum - by PPA 2014.08.03 10:12 AM

Hi all,
The new experimental forum is stable now. Please give it a try and give your feedback.
For now, the old forum is still active, I will answer to both topics.

There's no relationships between the two fora, you have to register separately.


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