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Note #91 by Lidan 2015.08.12 10:45 AM
It's very good this compiler! Thank you for your work. If you succeed in the near future to add support for Linux, you will make happy a whole community e . Thank you very, very much, again.

Note #87 by koesters60 2013.05.06 7:25 PM
Hi Philippe,
wonderful, after only one weekend I transformed my stationary DCC-decoder for my modelrailroad from MPLAB assembler to PMP, and it woks...unbeleavable.
Thanks to your quick help in the Forum, to ship around some problems I had with PMP.
I promise you I will stay on PMP smiley wink

Thanks to the generated asm-code by PMP which is ready for the microchip MPLAB suite to be linked and assembled into PIC - Hex, each generation step is very transparent to the user and can be easily verified.

I encourage neverybody who is familiar with Turbo Pascal or Delphi to work with PMP on PICs

By the way, I will place a link to your website on my homepage.

Best Regards

Note #86 by koesters60 2013.05.05 11:59 AM
PMP is a fun to work with on PICs. I am using it since some days for my new DCC-Stationary Decoders for Lightning-Effects on my modelrailroad.... look here

Thanks for your impressive work, to develop for free such a wonderful Compiler.

Best Regards

Note #79 by Peter 2013.02.26 11:42 PM
Very nice compiler, that's what I've been looking for!l

Note #33 by damphir 2012.02.12 00:24 AM
Very nice compiler, I've got a PIC12F675 and with this I could generate PWM to a led strip! Wonderful!!
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