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PMP V1.4.6.61 is released - by PPA 2010.03.20 2:45 PM

This is a maintenance version. See download page for details - here.

PMP V1.4.4.58 released - by PPA 2010.02.13 11:35 AM

This is an urgent maintenance version due to a very annoying bug. See download page for details - here.

PMP V1.4.3.57 released - by PPA 2010.02.06 0:10 PM

This is a maintenance version. See download page for details - here.

smile.gifI'm back! - by PPA 2010.01.05 5:09 PM

Happy New Year 3732 (07DA)!
Hi everybody!
I hope that this year will be full of good news for us and the planet, despite of what our politicitians fail to achieve last year (Copenhagen among others)...
Well, for PMP, things go forward and there's hard work in progress... Shortint (signed 8 bits) support, full Pascal strict type checking (optional!), GPASM/GPLINK support, new 256 bits processors support...
See you soon...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - by PPA 2009.12.24 00:21 AM

Please enjoy this end of year and receive my greetings for 2010!
I will take a small break and come back in January now...

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