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cadeau.gifPMP V1.4.2.56 released - by PPA 2009.12.19 9:01 PM

This is a maintenance version. See download page for details - here.

Broken link for download - by PPA 2009.12.13 6:57 PM

The broken link for downloading PMP is now fixed. My apologies.

PMP V1.4.1.55 released - by PPA 2009.12.12 3:28 PM

This is a maintenance version due to a major bug discovery.
See download page for details - here.

PMP V1.4.0.54 released - by PPA 2009.12.10 1:38 PM

Last update: warning V1.4.0.53 is replaced by V1.4.0.54 due to bad build options for the last compilation. Please download again if you take V1.4.0.53. My apologies.
See download page for details - here.

robot.gifPMP V1.4.0 released - by PPA 2009.12.10 0:19 PM

PMP goes ahead!

This new version comes with some new goodies:
  • Floating point for PIC16!
  • PIC16 enhanced mid-range support (alpha)!
See download page for details - here.

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