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Now it was BitDefender... - by PPA 2013.07.25 09:55 AM

I've discovered that BitDefender was the only site classification engine that still tagged pmpcomp.fr for containing malwares...

I spent one week to battle to have a revision and I won:


BTW: The BD English forum does not answer to requests, English people have a tip: use the French forum with Google translator help, you will have a quick answer...

And as for McAfee : no explanation, no information nor apologies...

These "automatic" and arbitrary software that claim "it's for your well-being" are simply bull s..t.

McAfee rating, the end? - by PPA 2013.05.21 11:44 PM

After a bit more than one day after my request, McAfee changed the rating of pmpcomp.fr... But there are many traces of this "misunderstanding" on many sites that trusted McAfee. Let's wait and see how many time it will take to be clean everywhere...

And of course, no explanations, no report, no mea culpa, nothing. Schm..ks!

As said before, Symantec has always trusted that this site was 100% clean: Symantec's rating

scammers - by PPA 2013.05.21 11:08 AM

Dismaying discovery: The art of making money with free stuff: https://www.morebooks.de/store/en/book/pic-micro-pascal/isbn/978-620-1-65622-2. I will not let this to continue.

gputils 1.2.0 has been released - by PPA 2013.05.19 0:01 PM

Hi; A new gputils-1.2.0 has been released. Link to download a Windows 32-bit setup package (Not checked with PMP).

McAfee rating - by PPA 2013.05.18 10:10 PM

mad <big grin>

I'm now fighting with McAfee who has suddenly classified this site because "we found potential security risks with this site. Use with extreme caution.", so some other sites have cascaded / transformed this into: "McAfee SiteAdvisor warning: This software is probably infected with viruses. Visiting the developer's website may cause damage to your computer."

What a joke... That does not let me laugh. They do not provide any report, any criteria nor methodology they have used; This is totalitarian methods! Now I need to enter an annoying procedure to make them reconsider their rating.

Another advice: There's Symantec's better one

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