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Happy New Year! - by PPA 2012.12.31 0:47 PM

I wish you all a Wonderful and Happy New Year!
2012 was quite cool since I had less time for PMP and most of this time was spent on rewriting the code generation engine to achieve the new dead code removal functionality. This is a hard pass since PMP wasn't conceived with such an idea in mind.
Also I'm working on a new editor which would be Scintilla-based, which will bring a new dynamic, code folding and many other good things.
And meanwhile, as it was not enough, I'm migrating all my developments from Delphi 2006 to Delphi XE3: It is also a fairly substantial job when the gap is so wide!
I hope that all this stuff will be available for release very soon. Trust me: 2013 will be better, with great things to come!

As always, I wish to warmly thank all those who contributed to the development of PMP, their help is invaluable. I hope that 2013 will continue to be full of good collaboration, so feel free to participate: each contribution matters!

gputils 1.0.0 has been released - by PPA 2012.12.31 11:52 AM

Hi; the final first gputils-1.0.0 has been released.
Link to download a Windows 32-bit setup package
Some people are kind enough to work 'til 31: Hats down!
Not checked with PMP.

gputils 0.15.0 has been released - by PPA 2012.12.13 7:44 PM

Hi; gputils-0.15.0 has been released.
Link to download a Windows 32-bit setup package
Not checked with PMP.

gputils 0.14.3 released - by PPA 2012.10.23 1:50 PM

Just released: gputils 0.14.3 at SourceForge
(it's the release candidate #2, not the final one that should be available in one week)
Last minute: this is the final release, now renamed gputils-0.14.3.exe.

PMP V1.6.2.96 is released - by PPA 2012.01.27 5:02 PM

This is mainly a maintenance release. See download page for details - here.

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